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Rekeying has existed since the late 19th century. In 1836, a locksmith in New Jersey constructed a lock with adjustable keys and tumblers. This design allowed owners to rekey it whenever they chose.

About 20 years later, two inventors patented removable tumblers that pulled apart and readjusted. They came with numerous keys that could be interchanged to match multiple tumbler configurations. That invention became the groundwork for combination locks.

Rekeying is not as convoluted as it may sound. In fact, it does not even involve changing the entire lock—only the tumbler or wafer configuration. This simple change serves to increase safety and protects residential and commercial properties from potential intruders.

The team at Kingdom Keys & Lock Service takes rekeying seriously. We do not want any harm to come to our clients in Pocatello, ID, so we make sure our rekeying services are always sturdy and reliable.

Customer satisfaction matters. We want our clients to feel that they can rely on us to give them great results at a low price. That is why we offer an assortment of rekeying services that are guaranteed to make any lock as efficient and affordable as possible.

With us, customers will not have to worry about incurring costly fees. Unlike other rekeying facilities, we do not want to drain our clients of every cent. Instead, we want them to obtain cost-effective rekeying services that ensure their safety 100% of the time.

We want customers to come to us in their time of need! Ask Kingdom Keys & Lock Service about our rekeying services in Pocatello, ID!

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